Have I got early onset dementia at 36?

For some time now I have been struggling with remembering even the most basic things, and it’s not just the actual remembering of a piece of information its the speed in which I can ... Continue Reading →

Always take the person seriously

You should always take the person with dementia seriously by identifying their needs and addressing those needs thoughtfully. Research has shown this develops trust, promotes an increased ... Continue Reading →

Common Stressors That Reduce Coping With Dementia

Unfortunately one of the effects of Dementia is a person’s reduced coping threshold, especially in certain day to day situations, these can include: • mental and physical fatigue • ... Continue Reading →

Caring for a person with Dementia

Studies have shown that up to two thirds of all people with dementia are cared for by non-professional carers such as friends, family and neighbours. These people often describe caring ... Continue Reading →

Living with Dementia

When people try to imagine what it is like to live with dementia they often imagine forgetting names and places, misplacing household items and other common symptoms of memory loss. ... Continue Reading →