Cognitive Function Test

Have you heard of a Cognitive Function Test (CFT)? It is a 15-minute online test, especially designed to determine early signs of dementia. This test is available online and free of charge. This online test follows the Alzheimer’s study conducted by Oxford University.

The Cognitive function test has three sections and each section comprises games to test the different functions of the brain. However, you need to be reminded that the test is designed to check if there is a mild cognitive impairment.

The Cognitive Function Test (CFT) has three parts:

– Episodic memory- This type of function test is used to test your memory recall. You will be given a list of items and you need to recall what those items in the lists are.
– Executive function- These are memories used to recall previous experiences and use those experiences to plan for the future.
– Visualization- It tests the patient’s ability to visualize objects. There is also a portion of the exam wherein the brain’s ability to take information is being tested.

How to interpret the result of Cognitive Function Test?

If the score is low, then you should consult your doctor to find out the homocysteine level in the blood. There are several factors to consider in interpreting the results. The patient’s age, educational attainment, and gender are some of the factors that could affect the interpretation of results.

Cognitive function test is a fun and entertaining way to determine whether you have mild dementia. As mentioned above, if your score is low then you have to consult a doctor as soon as possible because it can be an indicator of memory loss.