Have I got early onset dementia at 36?

For some time now I have been struggling with remembering even the most basic things, and it’s not just the actual remembering of a piece of information its the speed in which I can recall it, my age..36 so I can’t put it down to old age quite yet I hope.

Here’s a quick list of them and how they are happening to me on a daily basis, I don’t know if these signs are early signals of dementia and perhaps I’m going to have to take out the clock drawing test!

So, I was writing the months of the year down the other day and could not remember for the life of me the month after September. I am finding myself forgetting people’s names more and more.

These aren’t people I meet only once and not against for months, these are people who I see a few times a month, people in shops, team mates etc. I can’t seem to hold important times in my short term memory like weekly appointments. The strange thing is this seems to be a mix of both long and short term memory problems. If I had to commit to one of the other I would say short to medium term access speed is the issue. Perhaps my head is just too full of clutter anyway only time will tell if it gets better.