How I avoid Dementia

keep that brain working!

How I avoid Dementia (by John Smyth, pensioner)

In my lifetime, I never considered myself as being one of the lucky people when everything falls into place for them without too much effort. I was more a believer in taking things cautiously and setting some money aside for a rainy day, then I will be ready if and when it comes.

Thankfully for me, that rainy didn’t come and when my pension age came around I found I had more than enough to keep me and my wife going. What worries me more than anything is how I would keep myself mentally alert? When I no longer had my work, which I enjoyed immensely throughout the years, to keep me mentally stimulated.

I always was an avid reader and like to keep up with news, my friends and colleagues told me always that I had a very good vocabulary and a rich choice of words. Something which has served me well during my working career.

When I recalled the few games of Scrabble I had played as a younger man and the stimulation that it gave me. I decided that I would take up again now that I had quite a bit more time on my hands. I now spend two or three evenings a week at the local social club or around a friend’s house playing Scrabble.

Even if I say so myself, I usually always win because my vocabulary is so rich, although I have to admit that some of my friends are starting to catch up the more we play together. One of these friends told me about another game which I have latched onto with both hands. It is called Connect4 and what is good about it is that you can play it on your computer.

Connect4 is a completely different kettle of fish from Scrabble, because you use all your powers of deduction to try and figure out not only will you put your button but where the computer will fit its button.

I have been playing this fascinating game for a few months now and boy does the time go fast. I have to say between Scrabble and Connect4, I am getting all of the intellectual stimulation that I need and I feel better both mentally and physically for it.